Best Shaver to Buy- Shaver Review Online!

Electric Shaver Review: With the Technology progressing with a real fast pace even the beard Shaving technique has changed for the good to an advanced level. The men population has shifted from Basic Blade Shavers(Razors) to Electric Shavers which are more efficient, accessible, clean and gentle. Electric Shavers are not cheap unlike the Blade Shavers(Razors) but they are value for money. They last longer and provide you with better results.

Maintenance of Electric Shaver: It is not as much as it sounds, They only cost is the replacement of head every six month to 2 years(depends on the usage frequency and quality of the razor). The Basic cost of this replacement is $45 to $70 which seems legitimate. After a sound time of usage it gets properly drained, the time when it’s battery doesn’t stay for long and cannot withstand the battery life then it is more advisable to buy a whole new Shaver rather replacing the battery!

  1. Braun Series Shaver: As “Apple is to Laptop, Braun is to SHAVER”. So All I have just stated in a simple line but this is the Company which can never compromise with Quality as well as performance! It comes up with the best in the market. Braun is not only comfortable but gives the most close and smooth finish. It is very durable efficient and is real value for money. It needs a replacement of head in probably 1-2 year and one good shaver lasts for 3-4 years. We are here providing you the best products of the series, keep a not and read the whole review:
  • Braun Series 7 790cc